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Corporate Ethics Policy

Our Corporate Ethics Policy was established to support culture of openness, trust and integrity in our business practices. We care as much about how results are achieved as we do about the results themselves.

  • Borouge is committed to protecting our shareholders, employees, partners, suppliers, vendors and contractors from illegal or damaging actions or wrongdoing by individuals or companies under our control
  • Borouge addresses issues proactively and uses good judgment in maintaining a healthy business environment
  • Borouge will not tolerate any wrongdoing or impropriety
  • Borouge will take the appropriate measures and act efficiently in correcting any Corporate Ethics Policy violation

We work with business partners (including distributors, agents, consultants, contractors and suppliers) that share our commitment to ethical business practices.

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Quality Policy

Our commitment to Quality supports the building of successful businesses to achieve the maximum benefits for all our stakeholders. Through continuous improvement we enhance the performance, efficiency and profitability of our operations and the development of our human capital.

To achieve this we will:             

  • Develop our people through structured human resource processes
  • Cultivate a quality and performance driven mindset
  • Set challenging goals and regularly measure our performance
  • Aspire to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products and services and by practicing our mission of ‘value creation through people and innovation’
  • Maintain a practical and comprehensive quality management system complying to applicable legal requirements and international standards
  • Embed corporate business processes with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Strive to do things first time right
  • Enhance profitability throughout the value chain






We undertake to review and evaluate our performance against ambitious targets, customers, requirements, relevant industry standards and regulatory and legal requirements to ensure the achievement of our strategic goals.

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Sustainability  Policy  




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